We offer packages for recording from birth through to the end of the first year and these are very popular with both first time parents and those who may have done something similar with elder children.

There are 3 sessions throughout that first year – each lasting approximately 1 hour and recording baby at birth, then again at 6 months and finally at 12 months.

The first which takes place within the first month of birth records your baby’s early days. The hour session is your own and we are happy to include parents, grand parents and siblings to provide a range of photographs of this very special time in all of your lives. We all know that you cannot hurry a new baby along and have full facilities that enables you to feed your child, change them and to just let them rest.

We have specialist baby posers that supports your child and a number of props that will help 2 or 3 year old siblings to interact with their new born bother or sister without endangering the poor baby’s life!! Eager older brothers and sisters do like to show their affection without realising how rough they are being.

The second session is traditionally as the baby is now sitting up and supporting him/ herself and interacting with other people through their own choice – whether it be parents or siblings. We have a range of toys that are designed to stimulate your child and achieve reactions that show their fast developing personality.

The final session is just as baby is starting to walk. He or she has very much developed their own personality and the transition from the initial photographs is huge. Once again we encourage interaction with people who are important in their lives as well as recording baby on his or her own.

After each session you will come back to view the photographs and at that stage choose either the large photograph that you want to take away with you or the ones that you wish to “bank” so that it will be easier to choose your selected photographs at a later date. The photograph is a mounted 10″ by 8″ photograph of your choice. You are free at any time to purchase additional photographs for other members of the family and as a member of the ” Baby’s First Year” programme you will enjoy a 10% discount off our standard rates for any additional photographs purchased.

At the end of the year you will then be shown all of the previously selected favourites and receive an Album of 35 photographs that will be a keepsake for years to come.

The cost of this entire 12 month programme is only £255 or £25 a month if you choose to pay by 12 monthly instalments .

This once again shows our determination to make great quality photography both affordable and accessible.