can make the best and most difficult ( bless them ) subjects to photograph.

Catch them in the right mood and they will be spontanious, fun and completely natural in front of a camera.They will make you laugh out loud , cry with pleasure ( literally) and above all – make you proud to be their parents. Get them in the wrong mood and they will play up , stress Mum and Dad out and generally be little nightmares .

Some children are outgoing, smiley and bubbly whilst others are more introverted, insecure and serious.

The thing that they all have in common is that they are unique and we love them .

Perception specialises in children’s photography .

We can photograph children in our studio , in their home or at a location of your choice. We dont charge sitting fees or booking fees because we know that we will produce photographs of your children that are so adorable, so cute and so good that you will wish to buy. Even then our prices are extremely competitive .