.. are at the very heart of our community and the Perception studio has been designed with the specific intention of being able to photograph large families.

Portishead is a community of fairly young families and we see a mixture of age ranges and nationalities come through our door. We encourage less formal photographs to try and capture the real bond between parents and children and this is often through play and we have a number of differing ways to assist this interaction. It is as important to us that you enjoy the experience as much as you receive stunning photographs .

We are not all about young families however and the aim of any parent is to see their children fly the nest and to make their way in the world – but that doesn’t make it any easier when it actually happens . We now live in a society which is more mobile than ever before and with travel being so much easier the times that families spend together are increasingly precious.

The increase in wider family groups is quite marked particularly Grandparents bringing in their children and grandchildren . The children may be on a ” flying visit” and so we have deliberately kept our hours flexible and will open on a Sunday for a specific sitting if that is what is required . All we ask is that you ring in advance to check availability. We have photographed a group of 20 people in the studio but suggest that any greater number than that needs a different location.

We have a large external set up including portable studio lighting and do not make any additional charge for such ” environmental portraiture” unless the session is more than 1 hours travelling time away from the studio.

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