Fun, Fun, Fun..

Lets face it  children do not pose well for photographs. If you ask them to smile thenm the chances are that you will get a smile that only ever surfaces when a camera is present. We have all been there and done that!!

At Perception we are blessed with a generous studio space that enables us to play with the children – whether dancing round to our wide array of nursery rhymes or perhaps on a trampoline or even jumping on our huge bean bags. We talk about their hobbies – the position they play at football , maybe the new step they have learned at ballet – in fact anything that gets a reaction that is so ” them “. It takes experience and a willingness to be ” silly” to get the best out of a child and we do ” silly” really well.

The sittings are free, the studio time is free but the fun and memories are priceless . The photographs are very reasonably priced – so why not give us a try- whart have you got to lose?