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Pets are an increasingly important part of our family life – their individual personalities making an indelible mark on our lives.

I am a long time animal and pet photographer and will capture their character in a fun and stress-free environment which will grace the walls of your home for years to come .

Whilst we are able to accomodate your pet in our studio , the reality is that he or she will probably feel more at home playing in a natural environment where they can be themselves . I have specialist lenses that will not only capture an animal at rest but also say a dog in full flight. The pictures that accompany this page hopefully demonstrate just how good our work can be.

Our speciality is the montage shot- which is demonstrated as a header to this page.

We do not usually charge for the photographic session unless it means a long journeey or a great deal of time away from the studio. Our prices are per image and are highlighted on the attachment.