It would be fantastic if everyone could have exactly what they want without any concerns about price but the reality is that you will operate within a budget and will want to make the best use of the money that you spend. We will seek to understand exactly what you are looking for and then design an itinery that ensures that your budget is put to maximum effect.

The only fixed price for a Saturday wedding is that we charge £350 to photograph your day . We dont charge by the hour simply because it is not our policy to clock watch but to make sure that we dont miss any part.    From there you are shown approximately 600 photographs and the options are open to you:

  • Perhaps you want hi resolution images on a disc – the price is £4 a photograph – subject to a mimimum of 75 photographs. As you buy more- prices come down.
  • Maybe instead you want an album and typically these start at £350 for a 15 double page album.
  • We have introduced a new range of wedding books and these typically start at £325 for a 20 double page album
  • As part of our drive to continue to offer great value for money, for any bride and groom paying over £900 in total for our services we are automatically going to include up to 250 edited photographs on a disc.

The options are endless but whatever your choice we guarantee value for money with a level of committment and service that will not be surpassed .

For a detailed quotation, please fill in the contact form, telephone us  or pop in and see us.