As parents we have all been there.

We have seen our children at their best – when they make you so proud that you cant stop beaming . We have also experienced the lows when our children are just so naughty that you  just wish for the proverbial hole in the ground to swallow you .

At Perception we have experienced all sorts but it is obviously the tantrums which are most challenging. Tantrums are all part of growing up – testing the barriers .

Our method of dealing with them is not rocket science – it is simply that we diffuse the situation by giving the child time to play and not to feel under pressure to perform for the camera. Experience has shown that you cannot expect a young child to look natural when they are under orders to ” smile and be good or Father Christmas wont come” . You are not paying for the studio time so its not as if it is costing you.

If for whatever reason we dont get the best out of a child at a particular time – then come back. We all know that growing children are susceptible to sudden illnesses and it wouldnt be natural to expect a baby to be in great spirit if he or she is teething.

So the advice we give to parents is to relax and not to worry . If you enjoy the session, the chances are that your children will do so as well.