..as children grow to young adults, this brings with it a completely new set of requirements.

After many years dealing with customers, we are used to speaking to people, to encourage them, to build their confidence up- if it is needed – and to allow the personality to come through. This is never needed more than with teenagers.

Some are very extrovert and are naturally photogenic. They enjoy their moment in front of the camera and we present them with an array of professional photographs that they enjoy. We are able to provide photographs for Facebook and other social networking sites

Other teenagers are far more reserved and need to be encouraged – both boys and girls. It never ceases to surprise us how many youngsters growing up lack confidence in themselves. It is as if the growing process takes away some of their self- belief – whether it is the way they look or how they believe that they look. Some are genuinely shocked when they visit the viewing room and see themselves. The confidence grows from that moment on and a recent parent commented that her daughter was genuinely lifted by the whole experience.

We have a fair sized changing room and are able to provide make up and hairdressing services if you book theses in advance.

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