..ok they are not really terrors but I wanted to keep with the “T” aliteration. Terrors is the age range covered by primary school up to approx 13 – an age where play is more important than looking cool.

Our studio and style of photography is based around play and interaction . Whilst we may get some posed shots – the reality is that most children of this age dont pose well and if they do , then it is a forced grin that only ever surfaces when they are having their photographs taken. The vast majority of our photographs and by far the most popular are where we capture the children being themselves. We usually ask parents to give us a little feedback on the child’s personality because some are confident and happy to join in whilst others may be a little more introverted, cautious and reserved. We have had some very rewarding sessions with children who have previously been photographed in a more formal setting and the results have been dramatically different- including children who suffer from autism.

Usually however we do manage to find something that brings the child out of themselves and whilst it is nice to get some smiley photographs, we also look for natural expressions , whether they may be cheeky, thoughtful, laughing or concentrating.

The session is yours and whilst the children may be the main point of focus, we usually suggest that Grown ups join in at some stage – whether it be a family group or a tickling contest – no 2 sessions are ever the same.

If you would like to know more or have any problems or queries at all please feel free to get in touch.