… your child is no longer a baby but is becoming a walking and talking personality in their own right.

Throughout the pre-school years we are able to capture some of the most fantastic expressions and reactions as children encounter and experience many aspects of life for the first time. Their faces show every thought and emotion that goes through their head from innocent to mischievous from laughter to tears. All of this within a single photographic session too.

Our pre-school sessions are always geared around play and music features very strongly . Our legendary ” sleeping bunnies” routine has turned even the most stubborn and determined child from someone who doesn’t want to be involved to a total convert who wants to hog the camera. It has been so successful that one mum brought her children back as a treat. We know that they will be customers for life.

Parents can bring in their children’s toys, their own music, changes of clothes and even the family dog- provided he or she is fairly well trained.

No 2 sittings are the same and we are always open to suggestions if you have ideas of your own.

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