Choosing your wedding photographer is a major decision. At the outset you are buying into a promise that the photographer will in the future provide you with a service Obviously the quality of the photography needs to be considered and you should always ask to see copies of their work. It is wise to see the photographs from an entire recent wedding – not just a sample of their best work over say a 20 year period.

The style of the photography needs to be right for you. Do you want traditional photographs , modern contemporary photographs , reportage – where the photographer photographs the day as it unfolds or do you want poses and photographs set up by the photographer? How comfortable do you feel in his or her company? If he or she is going to be with you for quite a few hours on your big day then you need to feel completely at ease with them. We try to help you with this process by suggesting a free and without obligation 45 minute engagement shoot. If you then decide to proceed with the booking you will be given your choice of photograph in a special large surround (normally valued at ¬£85) that your guests can sign on your big day, and can later be framed as a memento. If you have an account on Facebook, then we will provide¬†the same photograph as a Facebook image for you to use to tell the world of your engagement. An image can be used on the wedding invitation or even on the order of service- depending upon individual taste You can contact us by using the form below or clicking on the ‘Contact us’ section of the website to book your free sitting today!