what not to wear
What to Wear?

Beautiful and memorable portraits don’t just happen they are carefully planned. But we can only accomplish this with your help. Please take a few moments to discuss clothing and colours, which will bring everything into line for memorable and personalized results.  Here are some key points to remember when deciding what to wear.


  • Keep it simple.


  • Solid Colors are best. Try and avoid large or Bold Patterns and bright colours. They draw attention away from the face.


  • Long Sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended. They draw attention away from the arms and focus it on the face. Short sleeves are acceptable for infants etc.


  • *Co-ordinate your attire from head to toe, carefully selecting appropriate shoes and stockings, as we may take some full-length portraits.


  • Darker clothing tends to minimize body size and lighter tones tend to emphasize body size


  • Necklines are important, a Vee or scoop neck is best if your neck is short and your face is full. A turtle neck or, high necked is more flattering if your neck is longer and your face is slender.


  • Dress everyone in the same style of clothing; do not mix casual and formal attire.


  • Keep the tonal range of clothing within the group the same. Do not mix light and dark values. Save patterns for accent items like scarf’s and ties.


  • White or light pastel clothing, shoes, stockings trousers, or dresses look best in portraits taken against white or light background save stronger colors or patterns for accent items.


  • To assure a successful portrait,   it is best to bring along several additional clothing choices . We have a changing room and mirrors

if you wish to download a copy of this list please click here